Higgs Centre for Innovation
19 Mar 2018





​Higgs Centre for Innovation (picture credit jmarchitects)​


​The Higgs Centre for Innovation is a new £11M industry-facing facility being built at the UK ATC to create new market opportunities whilst also inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers. It will focus on big data and space technologies, two of the ‘Eight Great Technologies of the Future’. It will supply business incubation and start-up business support, by exploiting UK ATC and academic instrumentation and big data capabilities for commercial use. Working in partnership with the University of Edinburgh, the Centre will house up to 12 small businesses, as well as academic and PhD posts, to provide PhD students the opportunity to gain entrepreneurial experience as they start their research careers. The final architect’s design of the building is shown below. The Higgs Centre will house a suite of dedicated micro/nano-satellite test and development facilities. These have been designed around units of <50cm per side and <50kg (approximately) - and will thus service the component, sub-system, CubeSat / nano-sat, and micro-sat markets. All facilities will be housed within cleanrooms - ranging from Class 10,000 to Class 100 - and all designed with the security/confidentiality requirements of industry in mind. Facilities will include as a minimum: vibration/shaker (including slip table); thermal-vacuum (supplementing the existing range of cryo-vac facilities); and functional-electronic test (including a ‘Nano‐Bed CubeSat Mission Development Facility’​​​​​