Higgs SpaceWire Facility
02 Apr 2020



The Higgs SpaceWire Facility features full SpaceWire electronic communications testing facilities. It is populated with a suite of test equipment from both STAR-Dundee and 4Links.

Technical details:

STAR Dundee
  • Conformance Tester: SpaceWire Conformance Tester
  • Physical Layer Tester (basic): SpaceWire Physical Layer Tester with Margin Tester and Calibration System
  • Brick Mk3: SpaceWire-USB Brick Mk3 with STARSystem software suite
  • SpW-EGSE: SpaceWire EGSE with configuration software
  • Calibration board: hardware unit and calibration system
  • Isolator: An isolation unit for ground test and integration applications; galvanic isolation for two SpaceWire links.
  • Hardware platform: RG408-M with 8 SpaceWire ports
  • Interface test: DSI Diagnostic SpaceWire Interface. Includes Error Reporting, Error Waveforms, Error Injection, Time Tags, Synchronized Outputs
  • Monitor: MSR SpaceWire Link Recorder. Includes Error Reporting, Error Waveforms, Time Tags
  • Router: FSR Flexible SpaceWire Router. Includes Time Codes, Packet Statistics​

Higgs SpaceWire testing acilities