Higgs Swiss Cryostat
02 Apr 2020



The Higgs Swiss Cryostat is suited to general vacuum compatibility testing.

  • Vacuum and cryo-vac testing down to 60K (-213°C) or 4K (-269°C)
  • Designed for maximum flexibility
  • Optical window or mechanical rotary feedthrough available, accessible from optical table
  • Pneumatic vibration-isolation available on cryostat and optical table
  • Flexible electrical/electronic access during test
  • Located in a controlled-access clean-lab
  • Engineering support available to help design testing
  • Full technician support included for operation of cryostat and vacuum systems
Use cases
  • General vacuum compatibility testing
  • Thermal-vacuum system, sub-system or component-level testing from above room-temperature down to 4K (-269°C)
  • Ideal for space sub-system or NanoSatellite testing
  • Confirm correct functional operation during test through optical window / mechanical feedthrough and electrical/electronic pass-through connections
Technical details
Vessel Size
1500mm dia x 900mm long (spun ends)
Roughing Vacuum System1x scroll pump
High Vacuum System1x turbo pump
Typical Pump Down time
~1 hour
Base Pressure at Ambient< 5E-4 mbar
Base Pressure cold< 5E-5 mbar
Cooling System2 x 2-stage Helium Sumutomo cold-heads
Temperature Sensors8x DT470 with Lakeshore temperature controller
Residual Gas Analyser (RGA)Available (contact for details)
Large Vacuum Ports1x ISO 160 CF port fitted with viewport or rotary feedthrough
Small Vacuum Ports2x  KF25, 1x KF40
Radiation ShieldingSingle-stage at 80K with MLI
1st Stage cold station~60K (1200mm x 1200mm breadboard 25mm M6 tapped)
2nd Stage cold station~4K (600mm x 660mm breadboard 25mm M6 tapped)
Pressure Relief Device Fitted, pop-off @ 0.2bar
Unloaded cool down time~6 hours

The Higgs Swiss Cryostat