Higgs Vibration Facility
02 Apr 2020



The Higgs Vibration facility is suitable for general vibration testing of subsystem or nanosatellite systems.

  • Sine vibration (40kN, 116G)
  • Random vibration (40kN rms, 82G)
  • Shock (80kN, 233G)
  • 600mm head-expander and slip-table for vertical or horizontal operation
  • 20-channel vibration controller/DAQ
  • A range of accelerometers available
  • Located in an ISO 7 (Class 10,000) cleanroom
  • Separate (acoustically-isolated) control-room
  • Engineering support available to help design testing
  • Full technician support included for operation
Use cases
  • General vibration & shock testing
  • Certified clean-room vibration testing
  • Ideal for space sub-system or NanoSatellite testing
  • Can be used for other aerospace, transport, industrial, etc domains
  • Items under test can be fully-instrumented with appropriate accelerometers (up to 20x) for comparison with structural FEA models
Technical details
Capability: Frequency Range
0 – 2500Hz
Capability: Sine
  • Max Acceleration: 1142ms-2 (~116G)
  • Max Velocity: 2.2ms-1
  • Max Displacement: 51mm p-p sine
Max Force: 40kN
Capability: Random
  • Max Acceleration: 800ms-2 (~82G)
Max Force: 40kN rms
Capability: Shock
  • Max Acceleration: 2284ms-2 (~233G)
  • Max Velocity: 2.2ms-1 peak
  • Max Displacement: 68mm p-p travel
Max Force: 80kN
Controller & DAQIMV K2, 20-channel
Shaker / AmplifierIMV i250 / SA5M
600mm x 600mm: partial 100x100mm M10 grid pattern
600mm x 600mm: 100x100mm M10 grid pattern
Fixtures240mm Cube (Mg alloy): 48x48mm M8 grid pattern
Meggitt 2221F (reference); Meggitt 2222C (miniature); PCB 356A33 (tri-axial)
LocationISO 7 (Class 10,000) cleanroom
Control roomAcoustically-isolated with visual line-of-sight to shaker​

Higgs Vibration Facility