Higgs Environmental Chamber
02 Apr 2020



The Higgs Environmental Testing Chamber is suited to a number of thermal testing activities and bakeout.

  • Temperature range from -43°C to +147°C
  • Can support items up to 0.5m
  • Electrical/electronic access during test
  • Located in a controlled-access clean-lab area
  • Engineering support available to help design testing
  • Full technician support included for operation
Use cases
  • Thermal testing at any required temperature within range (at ambient pressure)
  • Ideal for thermal bakeout or elevated thermal (functional) testing at component or sub-system level
  • Confirm correct functional operation during test through electrical/electronic pass-through connections
Technical details
Chamber Size (internal)500mm (L) x 500mm (H) x 500mm (D)
PressureAmbient air-pressure
Maximum Temperature420K / +147°C
Minimum Temperature230K / -43°C
Temperature controller
Eurotherm programmable
Feedthrough 1x semi-hermetic feedthrough (configurable)
Construction Stainless-steel interior
Cooling / Heating SystemOn-board plant
Temperature SensorsAvailable, if required​

Higgs Environmental Chamber