Airbus Defence & Space – Portsmouth Site




​​Airbus DS Portsmouth offers a complete suite of Dynamic, Thermal, and EMC testing ​facilities. The extensive range of facilities provides customers with a ‘one stop’ test house capable of handling products from mobile phones to spacecraft payloads. Airbus DS services cover a variety of environmental simulation tests (including thermal vacuum, vibration, and shock), as well as Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) tests. Airbus DS has been conducting tests at the Portsmouth site for over forty years. 

This experience has allowed Airbus DS to create one of the most well-equipped and expertly staffed facilities of its kind. The Vibration, Shock, Thermal, Climatic and Centrifuge facilities are UKAS accredited and fully backed by consultancy support.​

The Airbus Portsmouth site has a very extensive range of space development and test facilities which effectively constitute a one-stop-shop for many of its own programmes,  Airbus makes its vibration, shock and EMC facilities available to external customers and is keen to add access to its clean rooms to this list.​​