Airbus DS Portsmouth - Clean Rooms
15 Mar 2018



The Portsmouth site’s principal space ​​integration area is a large clean-room known as ‘Neptune’ used for the integration of spacecraft sub-systems, payload modules and instruments.


​​Neptune Clean Room

The clean-room has a reconfigurable secure capability, enabling commercial and classified projects to run in parallel. The facility is air-conditioned and contamination-controlled and complies with ECSS-Q-70-01A. Sections of Neptune and/or other smaller clean rooms may be used by external companies subject to availability and normal commercial arrangements.
The Neptune Clean Facility
​Neptune Clean room environment: ISO 8; Dimensions(LxWxH): 41m x 28m x 12 m; Crane hook height / max load: 10m / 6.3 tonne; Temperature / humidity: 20°C ± 3°C / 30-55 %; Load limit of floor: 1 tonne/m2 and 10m x​ 8m seismic block; Air lock door: 6.6m x 6.0m.