Airbus DS Portsmouth - Shock and Drop Test Facilities
15 Mar 2018



Airbus DS has created a well-equipped and expertly staffed facility able to perform a wide range of shock tests and data analyses.


​​​​Shock Test Facilities

​The shock test facilities have been developed to reproduce the mechanical shock environments that occur when pyrotechnic devices are fired during spacecraft launch and deployment operations. There are two main facilities available and they are selected depending on the test levels required and unit size. The facilities have a flexible design and can be tailored to suit individual customer requirements based on the nature of the testing, variety of units and shock levels required. The facilities are continually being expanded and upgraded to suit all types of test articles. The shock rigs main components are a hammer and resonant plate. The shocks are produced via a free-falling mass (hammer) striking an anvil attach​​​ed to the ringing or resonant plate. The test article is attached, usually directly, to the ringing plate. Classical shock profiles are generated using conventional electro-dynamic vibration systems.

The company is open to working with governme​​nt agencies, academia, industry and all other organisations driving UK Space Growth, to help ensure alignment of facilities with UK capacity requirements.​​

   The Airbus DS Portsmouth Shock Test Facility
Frequency Range: 10 Hz to 10 kHz, higher frequencies may be analysed depending on customer requirements; Shock Response Spectrum (SRS) acceleration levels: 1 kHz to 10 k​​Hz, 4000 g; 2 kHz to 10 kHz, 8000 g; Equipment mass: up to 45kg; 5m drop test system.