Airbus DS Portsmouth - EMC Facilities
15 Mar 2018



The Portsmouth site has a comprehensive range of EMC chambers, test rooms, and equipment. The Portsmouth Triton Antenna Range and EMC facility is one of the largest of its type in Europe - catering for an extensive range of Antenna and EMC measurements.


​​​Triton Range

Airbus DS test laboratories have a wide range of the latest technology in EMC test equipment to cover all customer needs. The Company has many years of experience providing EMC testing and has developed the facilities and expertise to provide accurate radio testing for space products.​​​

The facilities offer the following capabilities: ​Emissions testing from 20Hz to 40 GHz; Susceptibility testing from 20Hz to 40GHz up to field levels of 150V/m; Pre-compliance testing for a majority of commercial standards; 10m CISPR 16 semi-anechoic chamber; 3m CISPR 16 semi-anechoic chamber; Mil Std 461 test chambers; General-purpose screened rooms.​​


The Triton EMC Test range
​The Triton main range is a multi-purpose, air-conditioned, fully or semi-anechoic Spherical Antenna Test Range. It provides full spacecraft measurement capability. It is suitable for medium to high gain radio communications antennas and omnidirectional antennas, and also Radar Pulse and Steerable Beam antennas.
Main features:
  • Range lengths of 3 – 18m in fixed probe mode
  • Dimensions: 30m(L) x 15m(W) x 15m(H)
  • Access: W5m x H6m swing doors and single personnel door
  • Positioner Type - Roll over Azimuth, 1.6 tonnes at 1m moment
  • Fully CE Certificated EMC Chamber > 120dB
  • Screening effectiveness: <100dB below 18GHz; <60dB
  • Frequency range 90MHz to 40GHz
  • Turntable: 8m diameter
  • 10 tonne static loading, 2 tonne rotation loading
  • Lift for seamless entry of equipment up to 10 tonne
  • Internal Crane rated to 6 tonnes
  • RF Isolation >120dB Reflectivity < -40dB at 1.5GHz improving to < -55dB above 7GHz
  • RF Stability ±0.05dB and 0.5° over 24 hours
  • Pointing Accuracy +/-0.01°
  • ISO 8 (100,000) standard clean room environment, with ISO 9 reception facility
  • Adjacent Screened Control/Support test chamber
  • Tests accommodated: CISPR 16, EN55022, EN61000-6-x, Mil Std 461
  • Antenna measurements of Pattern, Gain and Return Loss; Payload EMC Testing.
​Within Triton: Spherical Near-Field Far-Field Range (SNFFFR)
Main features:
  • Frequency range 90MHz to 40GHz
  • Standard and advanced antenna measurements using our NSI / SA system
  • Active Pulse / Radar measurements up to 8GHz
  • ESA recommended for high power radiated PIM (Passive intermodulation) testing 200MHz to 2GHz
  • External screened area with 1 x 1m access screened bulkhead tunnel into Range to allow cabling and equipment set-up with 3 Phase and Single phase mains adjacent.
​Chamber 1: Screened, air conditioned, test chamber ​Dimensions: 4m(L) x 4m(W) x 4.5m(H); Access: single and double personnel doors: double 3.0m x 3.0m; Screening Effectiveness: <100 dB up to 40 GHz; ISO 8 (100,000 clean room standard); Tests accommodated: Mil Std 461
​Chamber 2: Screened, air conditioned, test chamber ​Dimensions: 6.41m(L) x 4.88m(W) x 3.66m(H); Access: Double personnel door 3.05mx 3.20m; Screening Effectiveness : Better than 100dB up to 40GHz; Tests accommodated: Mil Std 461
​Chamber 3: Screened, air conditioned, test chamber ​Dimensions: 3m(L) x 3.8m(W) x 2.7m(H); Access: Single personnel door; Screening Effectiveness: Better than 100dB up to 40GHz; Tests accommodated: Mil Std 461