National Wind Tunnel Facility


nwtf_logo400.pngThe National Wind Tunnel Facility (NWTF) is an initiative in which (currently) 17 wind tunnels distributed across seven UK universities are made open access (for up to 25% of time) to external researchers in the UK and abroad, from both university and industry based. A number of world-class wind tunnels, including large, low-speed wind tunnels, an anechoic tunnel, an icing tunnel, a large hydrostatic tow-tank, transonic/supersonic tunnels, a low Kn number facility, and hypersonic wind tunnels.


Researchers from both academic and industrial institutions are welcome to make use of the facilities within NWTF. The website provides a data sheet for every facility available. Interested researchers are to initiate contact with the Project Manager at for further details, discuss facility options, resources required, timing, IP protection, initiation of discussion with the selected facility, and agreement with the facility about the allocated time and resources.