NWTF University of Southampton Hydroscience Tank
21 Nov 2018





Although not a wind tunnel, this facility has been included here as it part of the NWTF, and there have been mission concepts to do oceanography on Titan. The HydroScience Tank at the University of Southampton is 6.5 m wide, 3.5 m deep and 140 m long. It has maximum carriage speed of 12 m/s. It has a variety of tow posts, either fixed pitch/heave/roll. Forced motions via HPMM or VPMM for surge, sway/yaw or heave/pitch. Multi component dynamometer frame as necessary for resistance/thrust, side force, vertical force and moments.

12 Soton_Hydro.png
Data Acquisition: Experiment specific – multi-channel minimum 250 Hz up to 250 kHz for acoustic measurements. Synchronised force/moments with video motion capture/visualization. Also 9 degree-of-freedom IMU. Surface pressures, PIV/LDV. Southampton’s Hydroscience Tank