NWTF Imperial Flagship 10’ x 5’ Low-Speed Wind Tunnel
21 Nov 2018




The 10’x5’ wind tunnel is the largest low-speed wind tunnel at Imperial College and the flagship NWTF facility. This tunnel is a highly reconfigurable temperature-controlled facility with two test sections offering a wide range of features covering just about any study involving airflow. It provides an excellent facility for aerodynamic development and safety evaluation studies of road and race cars, aircraft, buildings and structures. The lower test section is a full 20 m long (one of the longest test sections in Europe) and has a 3 m x 1.5 m cross sectional area. It is equipped with a turntable, rolling road, internal 6-axis force balance, traverse and full boundary layer control. 01 Imperial_10X5.JPG
It is equipped with atmospheric boundary layer simulation spires, fences and roughness, Irwin probes, HFFB and > 400 channels high-speed scanning pressure blocks. The upper test section is in effect a large wind testing arena 18 m in length and a massive 5.7 m x 2.8 m cross sectional area. It is equipped with the latest HWA, stereo time resolved PIV and LDV systems ​Imperial's Flagship 10' by 5' low-speed wind tunnel