University of Oxford Hypersonics Group T6 Stalker Tunnel

The T6 Stalker Tunnel (T6) is Europe’s highest speed wind tunnel, capable of producing flows in excess of 20 km/s. It is a multi-mode facility, capable of operation either as reflected shock tunnel, an expansion tunnel or a shock tube. The facility is driven by the T3 free piston driver, designed by the late Prof. Ray Stalker, being one of the most powerful created in the world. The T6 free piston reflected shock tunnel has a 0.3 m diameter test section and Mach number 6-8, and total temperature up to 5,000 K.

  • Remote actuated support (+/- 20˚AoA and +/-10˚ BoA),
  • Data Acquisition: NI PXI –128 channels @ 2 MHz/channel. 4 Channel Oscilloscope up 5 GHz. Free flight DAQ up to 6 channels, 20 kHz,
  • Data Ports: 3 x 35 channel
  • Measurement hardware: Megahertz Schlieren imaging at full HD resolution, laser-based optics, high response pressure transducers, high response bespoke thin film heat transfer gauges, high current and voltage power supplies
15 Oxford T6.jpg

​   Oxford University T6 Stalker hypersonic wind tunnel
This facility is part of the National Wind Tunnel Facility partnership.