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AEON Engineering Ltd logoAEON is a multidisciplinary engineering design, technology development and product test house. They work with Academic and R&D Institutions to deliver fully functioning products for R&D and Space applications.​​​

AEON Engineering offer a fully customisable Centre for Engineering & Research, that allow clients to access specialist facilities or services that are typically difficult to obtain, due to being highly specialised, overseas, or offered in limited capacity globally.  ​

The Centre is the only one of its kind in the UK's North-West and is set to become the Centre for complete project testing and support facilities under one roof.

AEON has a diverse range of experiences rooted in delivering new and innovative products; delivering advanced materials for projects whose ultimate purpose is to characterise the behaviours of sub-atomic particles as well as delivering steel and aluminium vacuum chambers​ for extreme photonics applications as well as bakeout and space simulation.

The facility can be managed by AEON's in-house experts on the behalf of clients', permitting projects to be fully undertaken by AEON's Engineers and Technicians to complete all required development and testing to appropriate industry standards. Alternatively, clients' may hire the facility to conduct their own test campaigns using the equipment available.

AEON is fully committed to its clients' projects and their success. Often, off-the-shelf solutions don't satisfy function, quality, materials and performance requirements of R&D and space-product projects, AEON are proud to work with subject matter experts to dissect complex problems and offer innovative and effective solutions in these cases.

More information can be found in our online brochure, alternatively please contact us.