Coordinate Measurement Machine
14 Jan 2022




AEON Coordinate measurement machine



AEON coordinate measurement machineAEON has an Aberlink Axiom Too CMM (Coordinate Measurement Machine), permitting high accuracy inspection and measurement of all physical components and assemblies. The CMM compliments AEON's existing expertise in performing quality assurance (QA) checks on engineered components, to the standards required both internally and by our customers.

A CMM is a machine capable of accurately measuring discrete points on the surfaces of objects. This can be done either with a mechanical touch probe or optically for non-contact measurement.

The X, Y, Z point coordinates are used to digitally reconstruct the form of the object under inspection. This digital reconstruction is then used to determine if the part is within specification.

Furthermore, AEON have successfully used the CMM for reverse engineering. Due to supply-chain issues, may organisations are now looking to re-source consumables and wearing parts, this is especially true in high-volume production enterprises. By using a CMM it is possible to measure hardware, then re-generate OEM manufacturing drawings, allowing organisations to manage the procurement of suitable replacement parts at significantly reduced costs and lead-time​s.

  • Parts up to 500mm3
  • Contact probe measurement accuracy to +/-2µm (UKAS accredited calibration)
  • Capability to generate certificates of conformance / non-conformance reports
  • 3D Scanning of medium-large structures (sub-millimetre accuracy)
  • Full integration with CAD systems permitting reverse engineering

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