Large Thermal Vacuum Chamber
13 Jan 2022




AEON Large thermal vacuum chamber with the door open



AEON Large Thermal Vacuum Chamber with door open ​​​AEON's Large Thermal Vacuum Chamber is Ø1m x 1m (extendable to 3m in length on request) with nine ISO-KF50 ports and one ISO-K500 port. The chamber accommodates most form factors for satellite instruments and scientific payloads. Whole CubeSats may be baked-out, tested, calibrated, configured, and fully flight-tested before launch.​


  • Bakeout to ESA & NASA Standards
  • Customisable stopping criteria (R-value variation / set time value)
  • Design & supply of MGSE/OGSE/EGSE to facilitate bakeout
  • Programmable thermal and pressure cycling​
  • Remote monitoring of all key parameters using our cloud dashboard
  • Test report and data plots on completion (temperature, pressure, IUT temperature)
  • Supply of raw data (chamber & IUT monitoring)
  • TML/CVCM characterisation report
  • Bakeout certificate of conformance


  • Turbomolecular pump (up to 260l/s)
  • Dry multi-stage roots pump (up to 14 m3/h)
  • Inficon composite Pirani & cold-cathode vacuum gauge, with continuous monitoring from atmospheric to UHV Vacuum (1×10-9 mBar)
  • Ultra-low loss Ø280mm optical feedthrough.
  • Auto-isolation valves


  • Dry N2 purge available
  • Residual Gas Analyzer (RGA) available, 1-200 amu mass range & electron multiplier
  • Thermoelectric Quartz Crystal Microbalance (TQCM) (with thermally matched reference crystal and regeneration cycling).
  • MoC / PAC Plates with FTIR Analysis
  • ISO Class 8 Cleanroom
  • ISO Class 7 Cleanroom (on request)
  • ISO Class 5 Cleanroom (on request)
  • LN2 cold trap available (-192°C / 81K at Cold Trap)
  • In-Chamber cold plate available with thermocouple monitoring
  • Customisable IUT radiative heating (Up to 200°C / 473K)
  • Customisable thermal cycling programs (+200 / -192°C) (473 / 81K)
  • Customisable IUT cooling (< 20°C / 293K)
  • Up to 12 temperature probes

More information can be found in our online brochure, alternatively please contact us