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The University of Surrey, located in Guildford, is a public research university specialising in science, engineering, medicine and business. It received its charter in 1966 having previously been located in Battersea as the Battersea College of Technology, before gaining university status. Its roots, however, go back to the Battersea Polytechnic Institute, founded in 1891 to provide further and higher education for London's poorer inhabitants. The university is particularly well known for its research on small satellites and mobile communications. It is organised into three faculties, with the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences being the one in which the Surrey Space Centre is located. 


The Surrey Space Centre, SSC, is a world leading Centre of Excellence in Space Engineering, formed in 1979 to pioneer microsatellite research and applications with emphasis on cost-effective technologies. Its strategy is to underpin the technical development of the space industry through its applied advanced research programmes. It remains the world’s leading research centre for small, low cost space missions, generating leading research and bringing innovation to its spin-out company SSTL, and pushing the boundaries of cost effective satellite applications to develop next generation low cost small-satellite technologies. 

SSC research capabilities cover many aspects of space vehicle design and satellite applications including: Planetary Environments, Science and EO Instrumentation and Remote Sensing Applications, Antennas and Radar (SAR); Space Weather, Radiation Environment and Effects; Signal Processing, Navigation and GNSS Reflectometry; Space Electronics, Embedded Systems, Data Handling and Communications; Spacecraft Power Systems and Energy Storage; Astrodynamics and Propulsion; Space Vehicle Control; RF Systems; Space Robotics, Rovers and In-Orbit Servicing; Autonomy, Artificial Intelligence and Biomimetics; Nano-Satellites, Aerobots, Spacecraft Structures and Mechanisms, and Innovative Space Missions. The SSC team brings decades of experience in providing academic courses on Space Engineering with bespoke educational activities and know-how technology transfers.​

The SSC has excellent facilitie​​s and has recently developed several bespoke testing systems with which to conduct its in-house research programmes, potentially available for external users. SSC has significant experience of collaboration with industry and research institutions in the UK and abroad and is very happy to work with external customers subject to resource availability and standard commercial arrangements.​


The University of Surrey houses the 5G Innovation Centre, which is engaged in developing key a 5G Core telecommunications network, 5G radio technologies, and software defined virtualisation techniques, and a cloud architecture. The Centre houses a 5G testbed supporting a number of research and development activities, including satellite integration.

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