University of Surrey - Vibration Facility
22 Nov 2018





The SSC vibration facility features: Sine sweep, Random vibrations, Shock, SRS Resonance search to simulate the launch environment on small satellites structure and their equipment.

Vibration controller

  • M+P INTERNATIONAL™ VIBRATION CONTROLLER (Swept Sine, Random, Shock classic & SRS Resonance Search and Dwell)
  • 8 Digital Input Channels each with ICP sensor power, 24-bit.

Data acquisition

  • 16-Channel, 24 bit, (2 cards: NI-4472B-PCI, Vibration-Optimized DSA). Smart Office (m+p international) software, real-time (and post) data processing – analyser DSA Pro + Smart Office Modal Analysis package
  • 8-Channels NI 4472 Series, PCI-4474; 24 bit resolution 110 dB dynamic range, with LabVIEW software.

Slip table

  • LDS Model LPT900-SB-V826 Seismic Base Slip Table with 900mm by 900mm working surface with grid of M8 inserts. Max. payload 1000 kg.

Power Amplifier

  • LDS Model DPA16K air cooled 16KVA power amp using Class D power switching.

Vibration Generator (shaker)

  • LDS Model LDS V826. Max. force sine 26kN pk; random rms 13345N
  • Max. acceleration 50grms random and 100g sine peak, 
  • Frequency range 5 – 2900Hz
SCC Vibration Facility