University of Surrey - 5G Telecommunications
22 Nov 2018





The University of Surrey's 5G Innovation Centre houses an indoor and outdoor live testbed which allows testing of technologies in a realistic situation. Both industry and academic teams can have access to this testbed, which can support a number of technologies including:

  • Flat distributed context aware network (5G core)
  • Content caching
  • 60GHz mmWave
  • 700MHz SDR
  • 2.6 & 3.5 TDD
  • 26GHz RAN
  • Drone services
  • New air-interface
  • Light MAC and RRM
  • Multi-cell joint processing
  • Antennas and propagation
  • System architecture co-existence
  • Testbed proof-of-concepts
  • Network virtualization platform
  • SDN communication
    University of Surrey 5G Innovation Centre
The 5GIC testbed covers 4km2 around the University of Surrey campus and consists of three macro cells and 56 small cells, with a combination of LTE and 5GNR. A cluster 5GIC exchange hub can provide brokerage between testbeds to enable dedicated end-to-end sliceable services and virtualised context-aware core network interconnection between network services. The Centre is connected to a 5G MNO Network Operation Centres (NOCs), as well as to a 4G MNO Network Operation Centres. As part of the EU SaT5G project. Virtualized satellite terminal functions are integrated to the 5GIC testbed and user trials being conducted. In 2018 an over-the-air satellite (SES) demonstration was conducted at the EuCNC 2018. In 2019 user demonstration of backhaul and content delivery over-the-air with the Avanti satellite will be performed.