Queen’s Advanced Micro-Engineering Centre (QAMEC)


​​Main QAM​EC Clean room​​​​


​QAMEC operates a 200m2 ISO 5/6 cleanroom (class 400), which incorporates an ISO 5 (class 100) photolithographic room with independent humidity and temperature control. The remaining area h​​ouses processing stations from ISO 4 to 5 (class 10 to class 100) for front-end processing. The core equipment set can accommodate processing of silicon substrates up to 150mm in diameter, as well as offering the versatility of handling non-standard substrates such as Sapphire, Germanium and semiconductor grade Quartz and Glass. The Centre’s test facility houses a suit of probe stations offering device testing such as CV, IV, CT, transistor characterisation and 4 pt probe measurements. Pyrogenic probe stations offer low temperature device measurements.

AQMEC’s MEMS-based activities have been utilised in the space industry for the fabrication of Frequency Selective Surfaces utilising both quartz and micro-machined silicon. Reflectarray antennas incorporating Liquid Crystal have also been manufactured using existing equipment sets.​​​