Electromagnetic Testing


​​​​​NPL’s RF Anechoic Chamber​


​NPL runs one of the world's most comprehensive capabilities for traceable measurement of basic electromagnetic parameters at RF and Microwave frequencies. This is centred on the frequency range from 1 MHz to 110 GHz, but with many extensions at either end, e.g. up to THz frequencies. The National Standards and measurement capability are maintained specifically to support UK industry, engineers and scientists. Experience gained in their development gives the RF and Microwave metrologists at NPL unique knowledge that can be invaluable when working with industrial collaborators and end-users to help remove their measurement barriers to innovation. This experience is passed on in many ways, e.g. through collaborations, workshops, publications, inputs to standardisation bodies and consultancies. 

The wide range of facilities and measurement techniques for calibration, test and characterisation includes:​

  • EMC antennas (loops, monopoles, dipoles, bi‚Äêconical antennas, LPDAs, horns etc) and VHF antennas
  • Power flux density measurements include: axial isotropy, frequency response, linearity, sensitivity
  • Radiation hazard monitors, field-strength probes
  • Power / Attenuation / Impedance to 110 GHz
  • Conventional on-wafer measurements to 220 GHz
  • Time-Domain Spectroscopy (TDS) from 100 GHz to 5 THz
  • Vector Network Analysis (VNA) from RF to millimetre wavelengths and beyond (to 750 GHz)
  • On-wafer Electro-Optic Sampling (EOS) / Time-Domain Reflectometry with sub-picosecond resolution (>600GHz)
  • Test site validation and electromagnetic field site surveys
  • Hire of NPL test sites and /or sales of various bespoke instrumentation.​