Microwave anechoic chamber
15 Mar 2018





​NPL Microwave Anechoic Chamber


The Microwave Anechoic Chamber is a ±1˚C temperature-controlled 7.5 m x 7.5 m x 15 m anechoic chamber, providing a low reflection environment for the accurate characterisation of antennas. It is certified to ISO 17025, and has a very broad frequency range from 250 MHz up to 110 GHz (can be extended to 220 GHz). It can accommodate a wide range of waveguide and coaxial feed types for applications ranging from remote sensing to radar and communications. The chamber has a 0.25 mm rail spec; computer-controlled positioning with laser interferometer. Measurements include:

  • Gain, directivity and pattern measurements to ±0.05 dB
  • Sidelobes levels
  • 3 dB beam width
  • front-to-back ratio
  • axial ratio and tilt
  • ​reflection coefficients