Cardiff University-Gas Turbine Research




​The AIG has excellent facilities, potentially available to external users. AIG has significant experience of collaboration with industry and research institutions in the UK and abroad, and is very happy to work with external customers subject to resource availability and standard commercial arrangements. AIG is recognised as a World-class provider of IR and FIR/Submm instrumentation for space.

 The Group is planning to upgrade its thermal infrared array cryogenic test facility to run from a cryogen-free cooler, and add the capability for precision characterisation of individual pixel response using a cryogenic spot-projector system and 3-D nano-positioning system, to position itself well for upcoming mission opportunities such as ARIEL. This would be an upgrade to a general-user calibration facility available to the community.

 The GTRC provides an exemplar of an off-site university-industry Science and Innovation Centre, delivering circa £1M of contracts per annum. Since its launch in October 2007, the GTRC has a proven track record of delivering research and commercial projects on time and on budget e.g. £150k European Union FP5 project AFTUR, €2.0m SAMPLE I, II, III.1-5 projects for European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), €2.0m DG MOVE on Aerospace, TATA combustion training courses, £1.8m Low Carbon Research Institute (LCRI) from the Welsh European Funding Office (WEFO), various EPSRC grants and contracts with Rolls-Royce, Ricardo and the HSE.

In terms of combustion expertise, the Cardiff University group is known for characterising and developing understanding of combustion instabilities, combustion of difficult fuel mixtures, swirl flows and combustion, large-scale combustion hazards (e.g. explosions) and characterising / modelling fuel sprays and spray combustion processes. The following facilities support this work.