Cardiff University-Atmospheric Spray Rig
21 Mar 2018





​GTRC’s Atmospheric Spray Rig can handle a variety of gases and liquids at pressured delivery up to 150barg and a bulk flow rate up to 250g/s for ambient atmospheric measurements. The injector bulk temperature can be controlled via a thermostatically-controlled, actively-heated, water circuit arrangement around the injector mounting point, affording injector delivery temperatures of up to 90°C. The bespoke spray characterisation test rigs were designed to facilitate multiple optical access options affording, if required, the capability of simultaneous laser sheet imaging and Phase Doppler Anemometry (PDA). The Dantec PDA system facilitates measurements of droplets in the range 0 to 2132µm with a resolution of 0.02µm at velocities of -100 to 650m/s in 2 dimensions, more than sufficient as the expected velocities from a Pintle injector are in the range 10-50m/s.

The spray rigs also benefit from a custom-designed air curtain which facilitates improved acquisition times for both undisturbed, uninterrupted multiple transient injection characterisation or steady state injection characterisation options.