Strathclyde Space Mechatronic Systems Technology Laboratory (SMeSTech)
19 Mar 2018





​The Mechatronics Lab boasts three dextrous robotic arms for high-precision planning and execution of complex movements with sub-millimetre accuracy, a Gazebo simulator for simulated operations using ROS and a mobile robot with a 270 degree 2-D LIDAR scanner, accelerated stereo depth-mapped vision, GNSS tracking, WiFi communications, tactile and ultrasonic sensors, and fully steerable wheels actuated by closed-loop control of wheel hub motors. A robot arm mounted atop this robot for haptic environmental interaction is also available and can be used for sensing or interaction purposes. (ROS and ROCK are available for control of this robot). In addition, the Laboratory includes facilities for an array of uses including system design, modelling, simulation and prototyping. There are large libraries of embedded software functions for use on high-reliability microcontroller systems in robotic space hardware and mechanical fabrication tools for prototype and proof-of-concept development. The Laboratory is currently working on a portfolio of research projects in the above research areas, worth over £2 million and aims to work with the wider space research community to advance the development of common technology to support sustainable and peaceful space exploitations, develop mutual understanding, explore opportunities and tackle challenges in such an endeavour by seeking joint research projects.​​​​​