Concurrent and Collaborative Design Studio (CCDS)
20 Mar 2018







The Advanced Space Concepts Lab includes a Concurrent and Collaborative Design Studio (CCDS) to develop rapid assessments and virtual prototyping of new space missions and concepts. Furthermore, the CCDS is a unique research facility to develop and experiment with new approaches and paradigms for the design and evaluation of complex engineering systems. The CCDS builds on the concurrent design approach currently used in the Concurrent Design Facility at ESA/ESTEC and at Harwell. The CCDS implements a suite of computational toolboxes, databases and software, including a Space Systems Toolbox, an Optimisation Toolbox, and an Uncertainty Quantification Toolbox, all part of the larger collection known as the Strathclyde Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Toolbox (SMART). This suite allows the designer to perform robust design optimisation, to design for reliability and to build resilience into complex systems. The development of these tools and methods is supported by the European Space Agency and the H2020 framework programme.