Astronautics Group Vibration Qualification Facility
21 Mar 2018





​​Vibration shaker in horizontal (left) and vertical configuration (right)​​


The Astronautics Group Propulsion Lab has a vibration facility, shown below, for mechanical testing and qualifying its propulsion components and subsystems. The facility may be used by external users, subject to availability and standard commercial terms. 

  • ​Type: LDS Model 830-335T; max force sine and random 9800N, peak 29400N; max acceleration 60grms random and 75g sine peak; frequency range 0 – 3000Hz 
  • Controller: LaserUSB™ Laser Vibration Controller (swept sine, random, shock classic and SRS resonance search and dwell); 4 Analogue Input Channels each with ICP sensor power, 24-bit 
  • Data Acquisition System: 16-channel, 24-bit (2 cards: NI-4472BPCI, Vibration-Optimized DSA); Smart Office (m+p international) software; real-time (and post-) data processing; analyser DSA Pro + Smart Office Modal 
  • Analysis package: 8-channels NI 4472 Series, PCI-4474; 24-bit resolution, 110dB dynamic range, with LabVIEW software 
  • Combo Shaker and Slip-table: LDS Model LPT600-V830-335T Combo base slip-table magnesium slip plate with 600mm by 600mm working surface with grid of M8 inserts; max payload 500kg 
  • ​Power Amplifier: LDS Model SPA10K air-cooled class D 10KVA power amp including DC power supply for vibrator field and degauss coil.

​​Vibration shaker in horizontal (left) and vertical configuration (right)​​