University of Manchester Trisonic Tunnel
20 Nov 2018






  • Mach number: 0.4-0.8, 1.6
  • Reynolds number: 1.5x106 – 45x106/m
  • Total Pressure: Ambient
  • Total temperature: Ambient
  • Run time: 6 seconds max
  • Typical recharge time: 30mins

Test section

  • Test section size: 0.15mx0.25mx0.5m

Testing capabilities

  • Data acquisition: multichannel simultaneous data sampling
  • Outputs: forces/moments, pressure, velocity (PIV & LDA) and surface temperature
  • Experimental techniques: Surface oil flow viz, schlieren & shadowgraph imaging, infrared thermography, liquid crystal thermography, pressure and temperature sensitive paints, PIV, pressure transducers

Technical support

  • Model design, machine workshop, wind tunnel operation
Trisonic wind tunnel with side wall removed and nozzle inserts shown