University of Leicester Transonic Wind Tunnel
21 Nov 2018




Transonic blow-down wind tunnel (also known as the Cascade tunnel). Dry air from the compressed air storage facility expands from a 2 in to a 4 in diameter pipe via a Fisher valve with pneumatic feedback control into a 1.5 m^3 settling chamber rated 100 psig, thereafter expanding through a contraction to the aerodynamic test section. The tunnel discharges in the laboratory with no diffuser. Aerodynamic test section 50 mm wide by 150 mm high. Mach number 0-0.95 (convergent nozzle outlet) and 0.95-1.3 (convergent-divergent linear cascade outflow). 30 seconds blow-down time. 20 minutes recharge time. Stagnation pressure range 101 kPa to 790 kPa. Stagnation temperature range 288 K to 300 K. Instrumentation: Schlieren and shadowgraph photography, Pitot anemometry, two 16-channel digital manometers, 30 psid, rated 250 psig, surface film strain gauges. Trans sonic.png
Leicester’s transonic blow-down wind tunnel