Leicester Long Beam-line Test Facility
16 Mar 2018





​​​Beamline Test Chamber CAD S​chematic​


​The Leicester Long Beam-line Test Facility (LLBTF) is a (nominally) 27.5m-length vacuum beam-line with an X-ray source enclosure at one end and an experimental chamber at the other. The experimental chamber opens into an ISO-6 (class 1,000) clean room to allow samples to be loaded and unloaded in a clean environment. The X-ray source chamber is pumped by a turbo-molecular pump and normally achieves pressures ~5×10−7 mbar. The source can be isolated from the beam-line so that either part can be vented independently. A number of different sources can be used: (1) low-voltage electron-bombardment source with Cu anode (various characteristic X-ray lines can be generated by coating the anode with other materials; maximum anode voltage approx 8kV); (2) 50kV 1mA sealed tubes with Mo target and Be window; (3) 100kV 3kW Philips tubes with Tungsten and Scandium anodes; (4) Deuterium lamp and monochromator. Included in the chamber is a filter wheel for provision of transmission filters and or collimating apertures. A range of standard filters is available for C-K, Cu-L, Al-K and Si-K. Other energies can be produced. The Philips tube can also be configured to bombard a target to produce fluorescence X-rays. The X-ray sources use thin-film transmission filters only; no X-ray monochromator is available. The use of the 50kV or 100kV tubes needs to give due consideration to radiation safety at the experiment and must be discussed with ULEIC staff.​​