University of Glasgow Wind Tunnels


uni-of-glasgow-white.jpgGlasgow University is committed to continuous upgrade of our facilities in order to carryout high quality research and enhance the experience of our students by exposing them to the latest advances in fluid mechanics. Our experimental facilities include both low- and high-speed wind tunnels and shock tubes. We employ the latest in flow diagnostics, including hot wire anemometry, stereo PIV over large areas at high resolution, pressure measurement through the use of high density pressure transducer arrays, high-speed multiple channel data logging, infra-red tomography, pressure and temperature sensitive paints, high-speed black & white/colour schileren photography and videography, force and moment measurements, and dynamic pitching systems.

Here we concentrate on high-speed trans-, super- and hypersonic facilities likely to be of interest to the space community. 


We also design and develop flow control effectors such as synthetic jets, single dielectric barrier discharge and multiple encapsulated electrode plasma actuators, oscillating surfaces, vortex generators, and various other active and passive flow control devices.