Ulster University - Belfast & Jordanstown




​Ulster University is Northern Ireland’s largest university with over 23,500 students spread over four campuses. Ulster University has a strong track record in research and innovation and Ulster’s ability to apply knowledge to solve real-world issues, and support investment and business growth, has garnered global respect and a reputation for world-leading research excellence. Ulster University has been working with NASA since 2002 across a range of areas including Autonomic Computing, Apoptotic Computing and Autonomous Software Systems research and currently holds 16 joint patents and 100+ publications. The University’s space interests are encompassed within the Faculty of Computing and Engineering through its Engineering Research Institute, Computer Science Research Institute, Engineering Composites Research Institute and joint partner’s centre, the NI Advanced Composites and the Institute for Fire Safety Engineering Research and Technology Centre.​​​

Ulster University offers excellent facilities and capabilities across advanced en​gineering, advanced materials technologies, composites, fire testing and material characterisation, and computer science. Ulster has considerable experience in working collaboratively with industry and delivering effective innovative solutions.​​