UWE Subsonic Facility
19 Nov 2018




The subsonic facility has two working sections.  The first is a high speed section of 5’x 7’. The facility is capable of speeds up to 50m/s and is equipped with a 6 component overhead balance, oil flow and smoke visualisation, 32 port water manometer, 16 port PSI electronic pressure scanner, five-hole probe and traverse mechanism.  Half models can be tested using a dedicated half-model insert. Internal strain gauge balances for testing of slender body and rocket configurations are envisaged for entry in late 2019.  The second working section is 12’x12’ and is capable of speeds up to 13m/s and is normally used for full-scale configurations and automotive test with a dedicated ground plane.subsonic.png
​     UWE Subsonic Wind Tunnel Schematic