TWI Abington
20 Mar 2018





Several of TWI’s advanced technologies have already been exploited for space applications; many others hold further potential: 

  • Friction stir welding 
  • Linear and rotary friction welding 
  • Power beam welding (laser and electron beam) 
  • Coatings 
  • Additive manufacture 
  • Advanced non-destructive inspection 

​Standards: TWI is actively involved in committees for a number of standards with implications for the space sector: 

  • ECSS-Q-ST-70-15C – Space product assurance – NDE of space vehicles 
  • ECSS-Q-ST-70-39C – Space product assurance – Welding of metallic materials for flight hardware 
  • AWS D17.1 – Specification for fusion welding for aerospace applications 
  • AWS D17.3 – Specification for friction stir welding of aluminium alloys for aerospace applications.