Non Destructive Testing
20 Mar 2018



Services provided include inspection, application and equipment development, technology transfer, Level lll consultancy, training and validation of NDT applications.


​Robotic inspection of an aerospace component


The Centre provides real‐world solutions to inspection challenges across multiple industries, such as aerospace, using specialised technologies. It houses a full complement of state-of-the-art NDT equipment and benefits from staff experienced and qualified in a wide range of NDT methods across all industrial sectors. Our technical expertise includes:

  • Robotic and automated inspection of complex geometries
  • Bespoke application software development
  • Inspection of all materials including exotic alloys and composites
  • Ultrasonic testing (UT) - conventional and immersion
  •  Advanced UT - phased array, full matrix capture, laser
  • Radiography (RT) – digital and film
  • Microfocus RT – resolves flaws down to 15μm
  • X-ray computed tomography – 3D imaging including microfocus
  • Modelling and simulation (Civa, FEA)
  • Electro-magnetics (including eddy current testing and alternating current field measurement).​

TWI offers services that add value to organisations engaged in manufacturing and construction around the globe, providing a complete engineering service.​