Swansea Chemical Propulsion Test Facilities
22 Mar 2018





​​Swansea’s Mobile Rocket Test Stand​​​​


Chemical Propulsion: ​Swansea University has a mobile rocket test stand used in the demonstration of rocket propulsion principles for its space stream module ‘Space ​Propulsion and Power Systems’. It is a demountable rig, currently fitted with the combustion chamber of a solid rocket motor​. The current configuration can be used for solid rocket propellant characterisation (Ballistics Test – measurements BATES), and test of solid rocket propellant grains or motors up to 130 mm diameter, length up to 2m. It can accommodate pressure and thrust (uniaxial) transducers, measuring pressures up to 300 bar, and thrust levels up to 180 kN (safety level is 350 kN). The test stand can also be adapted for testing of liquid (monopropellan​t and bipropellant) and hybrid rocket engines. It has been designed for easy dismantling and packing into a 1m x 1m x 4.5m box for easy transportation to external rocket test sites when required.​


Swansea’s Mobile Rocke​t Test Stand​