Spaceflight Academy
12 Apr 2021



Spaceflight Academy Ltd is a commercial spaceflight and aeromedical training company supporting activities for the commercial space industry and providing ancillary training, including space education.


Spaceflight Academy's​ dedicated test, research and development (including scientific, medical and pharmaceutical), spaceflight training, human factors and aeromedical facility will be located at Spaceport Snowdonia, Llanbedr, North Wales.

This UK capability will also support research and development of UK space-plane technology and other air and space capabilities that will offer direct feed into commercial products, training and future space exploration.

At the heart of the facility will be Desdemona NG, a unique in the world, second generation, all-in-one motion simulator, spatial disorientation trainer and advanced laboratory capable of sustaining advanced G-loads of up to 7G.

Artist's impression of the Spaceflight Academy as three modern circular buildings.

The facility will serve as the UK's first commercial extreme environment spaceflight training and aeromedical facility. It will also offer tactical flight and experimentation training for complex operating environments to maximise and assist with the attributes of Air and Space power.

Also included at the facility will be a hypobaric chamber for simulating the effects of altitude hypoxia (lack of oxygen) and hypobaria (low air pressure). Classrooms, dedicated R&D facilities, medical rooms, a gym and a dedicated conference centre will also be available.

Spaceflight Academy's facility will also train and familiarise commercial space tourists for the extreme environment of suborbital flight by progressive medical and physiological screening and training.

Supporting the facility's research and training services, Spaceflight Academy will operate a specially converted, uniquely equipped, UK-registered aircraft for parabolic micro-gravity research and zero-g flights.

The facility is scheduled to be fully operational by 2025.


Angela Richardson​, Chief Executive Officer​​​