Near Field Test Range
28 Mar 2018





The range features an Azimuth turntable / Theta over Phi swing arm, housed in a purpose built 4-metre anechoic chamber.

Highly accurate antenna radiation patterns, in both planes, are rapidly displayed in multiple formats including Cartesian, Polar and 3D along with calculations of feed focal distance. Antenna gain can be measured using either directivity obtained from the scanner or by direct comparison with a Standard Gain antenna. Both circular and linearly polarised antennas can be characterised. The range specifications are as follows:

  • Frequency Range:0.75GHz to 40GHz.
  • Antenna Maximum Diameter:1.5 metres.
  • Antenna Maximum Weight:190 kg
  • Measurement System has 4 – Port Vector Network Analyser with external amplifier for frequencies above 18 GHz.
Near Field.jpeg
​Catapult Near Field Range