Satellite Applications Catapult - Goonhilly Ground Station Facility
23 Nov 2018





The Ground Segment facility at Goonhilly in Cornwall has an operational S and X band tracking dish antenna, an Ultra High Frequency (UHF) / Very High Frequency (VHF) system, and a multi-mission capable facility that is dynamically reconfigurable on a pass-by-pass basis.

This facility provides users with a ‘bring-your-own solution’, where third party equipment can be installed. It offers a high level of connectivity, and data can be transmitted to the Catapult’s facilities in Harwell. We aim to allow customers to use this capability at a low cost-per-pass basis.

The tracking dish antenna system consists of a 3.7m dish with a dedicated cabin to house racks with the control and processing equipment. The VHF and UHF uplink/downlink system is for tracking, telemetry and control. The Ground Segment also includes a networked video camera with IR illumination for monitoring the antennas and cabin 24/7. The site also features a network-connected anemometer which monitors wind speed, direction and external temperature.