Satellite Applications Catapult - The Disruptive Innovation for Space Centre (DISC)
23 Nov 2018





The Disruptive Innovation for Space Centre (DISC) provides access to equipment and expertise to UK industry to accelerate the development of innovative new products and services.

DISC provides access to end-to-end design, modelling, test and production equipment in a collaborative engineering environment to help companies develop new solutions for large-scale market opportunities.

DISC will enable teams to take an R&D project from proof of concept to through to a full-sized, protype, manufactured at quality levels and scales sufficient to undertake end-customer validation.

The facilities are open to industry and academia and provide equipment that is frequently out-of-reach to small or medium sized companies to accelerate their innovation and growth.

DISC provides a number of space mission and engineering support facilities including: ​DISC Logo
Modelling & Design Lab

  • MATLAB® and Simulink
  • OrCAD Professional with PSpice
  • SolidWorks Premium
  • Altair Mechanical and Multiphysics-Suite
  • CST Microwave Studio Site
  • Keysight – Advanced Design System
  • AGI System Tool Kit (STK)

High Frequency Digital & RF Test Lab

  • Agilent MSO X 4154A Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
  • Keysight Fieldfox Handheld Microwave Test System
  • ETS Solutions Vibration Test Systems
  • ZNB40 Vector Network Analyser
  • Rohde & Schwarz Wideband Signal Generation & Analysis System
  • NSI-mi Near-field Antenna Test Range
  • BGAN Physical Layer Tester (BPLT)
  • BGAN Application Testing (BAT) software
  • Satellite Channel Simulator 220-6000MHz (160MHz BW)
  • Programmable phase / amplitude shifter
  • Manual Step attenuators – DC to 40GHz (0-11dB, 1dB steps; and 0-90 dB, 10dB steps)
Mission Support & Operations

  • Cleanroom – Class 10,000/class 7
  • Nanobed – platform emulator, includes
  • GNU Radio Flowgraph for USRP X310 support (includes VHF/UHF and S band)
  • High speed S-band radio (commercial band)
Prototype & Low Volume Production Facility

  • Kurtz Ersa IR/PL 550 Highly Flexible IR
  • PCB Inspection – Inspex 1080
Spacecraft Environmental Test & Verification
  • Vibration Table