Satellite Applications Catapult - CEMS
23 Nov 2018




The Climate, Environment and Monitoring from Space (CEMS) facility at the Satellite Applications Catapult was established in 2013 with support from the UK Government and the UK Space Agency. CEMS is a unique, purpose-built service offering Infrastructure and 'Data as a Service' Cloud computing, in conjunction with Earth observation (EO) and remote sensing services.

CEMS has been built upon a high-performance infrastructure, using cutting-edge technologies that have been proven to provide high levels of availability, security and reliability.

The data storage and processing resources are operated with the express purpose of enabling Third Parties and SMEs to develop, establish and offer applications and services via dedicated environments called Private Virtual Data Centres. These applications and services have continued to drive sustained economic growth through enabling UK businesses to generate jobs and revenue from the hosted satellite-derived datasets.

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