Satellite Applications Catapult - 5G Step Out Centre
23 Nov 2018





Situated in the heart of the Westcott Venture Park, in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, the Westcott 5G Step-Out Centre (SoC), offers a unique 5G facility to test and develop new services and products by accessing the latest wireless applications service equipment without the need to invest in expensive infrastructure.

This allows end users to rapidly prototype and commission new services and applications under representative real-world conditions ahead of market roll-out.


The Westcott 5G Step-out Centre offers:

  • An open and accessible 5G test facility
  • The full spectrum of Ofcom licences from 700-4200 Mhz
  • Integration of satellite and terrestrial networks with seamless connectivity
  • Support for the development of a 5G ecosystem to create new services that will exploit the current and future network architecture
  • Industry and academia the ability to collaborate on projects that support a wide range of digital applications
  • Access to the latest generation of networking equipment (hardware, software and platforms)
  • A range of technologies and solutions from Juniper, Affirmed and Saguna Networks, including routing, switching, security and software-defined networking.
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