STAR-Dundee facilities
21 Mar 2018






STAR-Dundee is based in a town house in the centre of Dundee which was built in 1817 and which has been renovated to provide an ideal environment for work on electronic system, chip and software design. STAR-Dundee also has a small research and development office in St Cugat, Barcelona.

STAR-Dundee has the equipment and software tools that it needs to design electronic equipment for spacecraft. These facilities include:

• Software development facilities

• Electronic test equipment

• Tools for FPGA, ASIC and PCB design

• SpaceWire test and development kit

• SpaceFibre test and development equipment

• SpaceWire and SpaceFibre IP cores

• General tools and soldering equipment

STAR-Dundee has particular expertise in SpaceWire and SpaceFibre and its in‐house facilities are dedicated to these technologies and to their further development. STAR-Dundee is happy to work with external customers under suitable commercial arrangements.​