Roxel (Safran-MBDA), Kidderminster


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Roxel is an Anglo‐French Group formed in February 2003 by the merging of the Royal Ordnance Rocket Motors of the UK (a division of BAe Systems) and Celerg of France (a JV born by combining the o​​perations of SNPE and Aerospatiale in 1993). It designs, develops, manufactures and sells solid propulsion systems and related equipment for all types of rockets and tactical and cruise missiles for air, sea and ground forces. It has proven capabilities in the chemistry of energetic materials and mechanical fields offering its customers bespoke solutions for all elements of propulsion systems. Roxel UK is based in Kidderminster and has a long history and an extensive knowledge in all aspects of rocket motor design, modelling, testing and analysis for the qualification and certification of rocket motors. Roxel’s work spans a range of applications primarily for, but not limited to, tactical missiles. For example, in 2007 Roxel conducted design work for the Exomars descent motors.

Roxel’s rocket motor design, manufacturing and testing facilities, which were established principally for its own development programmes make it ideally positioned to support external customers in all aspects of rocket propulsion systems, whether it is for solid, liquid, hybrid or air breathing motors. This support includes: consultancy for motor development and analysis, technical engineering support, safety and hazard analyses, propellant characterisation and sensitivity testing and all aspects of rocket motor testing​​.​