Complex Shock and Pyroshock test facility
15 Apr 2021




Hardware on top of a shock test rig.



​Resonate Testing has developed its own bespoke shock and pyroshock testing facility for recreating complex shocks seen in the most extreme environments. With a wide range of different impact devices and shock transfer mediums we are confident we can find a solution for even the most complex shock spectrums.

One of the benefits of the technique that Resonate Testing has developed is that the shock testing can be “custom fit" to the Shock Response Spectra (SRS) for any specific equipment under test (EUT). Based on the use of a mass model and mounting configuration, and the test set up adjustments Resonate Testing introduce before testing of the actual EUT, we ensure that it gets the SRS input required. This is a great advantage that Resonate provides to companies who want to shock test their equipment for a variety of SRS or different equipment for the same SRS.  ​