RAL Space Unmanned Airborne Vehicles


RAL Space’s Autonomous Systems Group has ownership of a number of UAV assets to support field testing and instrumentation deployment activities. A number of the UAVs are commercially available, off-the-shelf such as DJI Inspire 1 or the QuestUAV  Q200 and Q300, while some are adapted for specific deployments such as the Vertical Take-off and Landing fixed wing UAV craft, the FireFly 6 PRO.

The Q200/300 large fixed wing craft are primarily used for the collection of surveying or photogrammetry datasets. Their configuration enables them to have large runtimes and combined with a large area coverage suits them for large-scale applications (e.g. DEM construction of an area several square kilometers in size). Their size and complexity require that a team of two people operate the craft, with a pilot and commander role being necessary. The craft differ in their payload capacity, with the Q300 having a larger payload available for sensors such as NDVI or multi-spectral.

A number of sub-1kg instruments can be deployed on board these UAVs (such as NDVI, Multi-spec cameras etc.), however they are typically used for surveying and photogrammetry activities.

RAL UAV Facilities