RAL Space Mars Yard
22 Nov 2018





RAL Space’s Autonomous Systems Group manages a small outdoor rover testing area. This is an open air space that, while not a close analogue for space applications like other Mars Yards, does allow for small-scale field testing and realistic shakedown tests for any ground robotic platform.
The test area is approximately 30m x 12m in size. The area is made up of coarse red sand/stone with a number of artificial rocks and boulders scattered throughout for visual navigation testing and obstacle avoidance. The area includes a mound for incline testing and real boulders and rocks for mobility testing. This area has been used by projects such as SEEKER and SAFER and is used for outreach activities such as the UKSEDS Lunar Rover Competition (picture attached).

Mars_Yard.pngThe RAL Space Mars Yard

The rover test area is available for use upon application and subject to availability. This is a private facility owned by RAL Space but is made available to the public when not in use on RAL Space projects.

In order to access the facilities, please contact RAL Space with information about the required application. We will be able to discuss your needs and provide a quotation for the use of the facility as well as any associated staff support required.