Long Test Track (LTT) capable of supporting Space Impact Projects
02 Nov 2020




Long test track in Wales at sunset

​​Long test track.

Credit: QinetiQ

​​The Long Test Track (LTT) facility at MOD Pendine, suitable for high-speed dynamic trials, is unique to the UK. It has been used to test impacting probes for use in planetary exploration. It is a 1,500m instrumented test track, enabling trials of systems up to Mach 3, with accelerations of up to 130g. Pendine also has a Short Test Track of 200m. This can accommodate weights and velocities between 45kg at 500 m/s to 250kg at 250 m/s. This is an LTPA facility so MOD permission must be sought by third parties who wish to use the facility. 

Additional information can be found on the MOD Pendine Range webpage​.