22 Mar 2018







​LEEP 1 is designed for thruster EMC testing in a specially modified thermal vacuum chamber incorporating a 3m long GFRP RF-transparent section of chamber wall. The RF transparent section is surrounded by a 4m × 3m × 3m screened enclosure lined with 300 mm RF absorbing material to achieve an RF anechoic test environment designed to meet Mil-Spec 461F, recognising that the intrusion of the vacuum chamber presents a compromise over a more ideal construction. LEEP1 characteristics:

  • 2kW water-cooled graphite target on chamber door
  • LN2 cold panels
  • 6 x cryo-pumps, 2 x turbo-pumps, 2 x backing pumps
  • Pressure <1 x 105 mbar with xenon flow rate of 3.5mg/s
  • RF-transparent section 3m long x 1.6m diameter
  • ​Copper-foil-lined anechoic chamber 4m x 3m x 3m, 120dB screening over 1-10 GHz​​​