Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Test and Evaluation
02 Nov 2020




Engineers at the electromagnetic compatibility testing facility.

​​Electromagnetic compatibility testing.

Credit: QinetiQ

​​The QinetiQ E3 Test and Evaluation group at our EMC facilities in Farnborough and MOD Boscombe Down specialise in performing standard and bespoke EMC tests/methods/limits for “non-standard” operational environments, including experience working with manufacturers in the space industry. QinetiQ provides advice on frequency and time domain tests, EMC design advice, including emissions, susceptibility, Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), Transient Radiation Effects to Electronics (TREE) and lightning direct and indirect effects. MOD Boscombe Down is an LTPA facility so MOD permission must be sought by third parties who wish to use the facilities.

More information on our Boscombe Down facility can be found on the LTPA EMC Testing webpage​.